Product Standard : BS EN 12201-3 : 2011

The PE Electro Fusion Fitting is the most advanced and automated system amongst the PE fusion jointing mechanism and it is also been proven to be most efficient, reliable and error proof system in particularly for larger diameter pipes. It is chosen in view of the practicality aspect when installing the larger pipes.

The embedded heating wires have been pre-insulated and hence they are spaced consistently during the molding process. The choices of quality tools and control boxes allow for easy installation and the control boxes provide computerized electro fusion data which is the full-proof operation. Each electro fusion fitting comes complete with a barcode. The entire process is executed and fully monitored by this computerized control box which ensures safe and dependable connections. Joint data is retrievable, hence enable traceability and quality analysis works to be done effectively.


Installation Procedures

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MARK the insertion depth by measuring the depth of insertion from fitting

PEEL or scrape the pipe at insertion depth and clean the joint surface area

INSERT the pipe into the fitting. Scan or key-in the fuse parameters (wattage and time)

FUSE the pipe-fitting joints by applying electric current through the terminals


Product List

Equal Socket Reducing Socket Equal Elbow 45˚ Elbow

Spigot Flange Adaptor Equal Tee Reducing Tee Male Tee

Tapping Saddle Electro Fusion MC